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Good morning,
I want to give an update on trash collection in Big Sur.

Residential and Commercial Dumpsters
This past Friday, May 5 Waste Management sent the commercial truck to collect from residents and businesses. We collected 15 tons of material. WM is on an every other week pick up schedule for residents and businesses. The next pick up day will be Friday, May 19.

40 Yard Dumpsters
The 2-40 yard dumpsters are provided and serviced by Coastal Rolloff. Coastal Rolloff accesses the dumpsters from northbound Hwy 1 from San Luis Obispo. With the newest landslide occurring last week, Coastal was not able to empty the 40 yard Mill Creek dumpster on Friday, May 5. Coastal is only able to service 1-40 yard each Friday due to their driver availability.

The 40 yard dumpsters are located at Mill Creek and Vista Point. Both dumpsters are completely full. The dumpsters are getting abused in the sense that they are being overfilled, litter is left behind, and bulky items are being dropped into the containers. The dumpsters are strictly for the use of residential trash.

This Week
To address the full 40 yard dumpster issue, Waste Management will be taking an empty 25 yard covered dumpster on Wednesday, May 10 through Naci-Fergusson Rd and will be placed next to one of the existing 40 yard dumpsters, where there is room. We will do our best to service the 25 yard roll off container, until Coastal is able to empty the 40 yard dumpsters. Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you for your continued patience,
Kristin Skromme
Public Sector Manager
Public Sector Solutions

Waste Management
11240 Commercial Parkway
Castroville, CA 95012
Tel 831.796.2220
Fax 831.632.0181

4 thoughts on “Trash Collecion updates

  1. This is not the time to haul your “bulky items” (ie, old refrigerators, chairs, etc) that really need to be taken to the dump , yes, I know there’s a fee for that… With just a 25 yard vs. 40 yard dumpster it will fill up fast with just the everyday trash we have. Another suggestion, perhaps you can bring your recycle into town with you, there’s a transfer station on Jolon Rd. that accepts recycle, if you’re headed north to KIng City on Jolon Rd., it’s on the left side. Monterey has a large bin next to the police station and across from the library on Pacific St. SLO’s is past the airport @ Cold Canyon out on Broad Street. Thanks for “responsibly recycling”!

  2. wow that seems like a lot of trash. OF COURSE now is NOT the time to dump the bulky items. They will just have to sit between your recycling and compost piles because you ARE doing that, right? If not, it seems to me that some of the “stewards of the land” have missed a few VERY key points! Need a little “schooling”.
    And for those that for what ever reason can’t – come on friends – a little assist please.

    I know from reading this blog that there are some fabulous people out there doing great things – and I thank-you! This is for the “others” that either haven’t learned the responsibilities that come with living in such a special place, haven’t yet reached that awareness that BS gives one (I feel sorry them) or maybe… they should find a new address.
    I imagine that when the roads clear, the people with trucks and “strong backs” will be very “popular”. Be sure to keep the exchange in… you know… help them, feed them, pay them, what ever…be “neighborly”. For many this is no doubt a given.
    Karma – JS

    Here’s an interesting link. I’m not sure what you people are throwing away but I’m not even close to this!

    Organized piles of “stuff” is better than it blowing in the wind or flowing into the ocean. Maybe for now you should limit the “trash” to stinky meat stuff that can’t fit in your freezer and some “personal ” things. I get it – you don’t want to attract animals but until the roads clear, adapt. And make bigger piles! 😉
    I’m sorry if I upset anybody with this rant – not my intention but I’m just not going to take the time to scold gentle or “politically correctly” right now. Besides – I’m not that good at that. 🙂
    Hell – this doesn’t even have a good flow but…
    I don’t want to hit the DELETE key. 😉

  3. Bottom line…we can all do better and no time like the present!

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