20 thoughts on “Mud Creek let go at 5:30 pm – 5/19/17

  1. Thank you Kate, Tafay and Josh. The photograph is being gasped over in Paris and has just now been forwarded to England for more gasps. People on this side of the ditch are rooting for you all.

  2. You can see it in the water. At this rate, there is going to be a new beach… that we can only look at.
    The landscape is changing. Mankind just has a hard time excepting it sometimes.

  3. Kate, remember when the initial closure occurred at Mud Creek before MLK weekend and I naively assumed the road would be opened by MLK weekend and you told me to not be so sure? Well jeez, it has just gone downhill (pardon the pun) since then and my eternal optimism is flagging a bit with today’s news. I guess I won’t see you for a bit.

  4. Hi. I would like some phone numbers to get accurate information on availability of limeklin campground. Reserve America claims it is fillip but those resvertions were made before the. Sky fell down. Thanks

  5. I suspect it is full up. While I waited at noon to pass through Paul’s Slide, people were going in and out of Limekiln the whole time. Kirk Creek campground was full by 11:30 am.

  6. whats the best route to take, to bypass this area, if driving from LA to SF on route 1?

  7. lol thanks. But the goal is to drive along the coast as much as possible.
    Any advice? Thanks

  8. Thanks Kate. You’re too nice 🙂
    I did look at some maps actually. But was hoping for a magical route to bypass less of the coast… this section seems to be the most interesting part of the PCH.

    This closure could last until the end of 2017, right?

  9. Well, the bridge is anticipated to be finished by 9/30/17, but if Paul’s Slide gives out … who knows? As for Mud Creek?? MAYBE 2018 – MAYBE


  10. Gene, follow Kate’s numbered routes, as above. Once you get to Carmel you can drive south along the coast into Big Sur for 45 minutes. Lots of beauty to see and then places to eat. That’s your best bet.
    Then retrace your route back north.

  11. Thanks for the advice!
    However, my goal is to drive one-way, from LA to SF, along the coast as much as possible.

    It seems that these road closures mean I would miss out on some of the best scenery along CA-1.

  12. give big sur a rest people! this is not the time to try to be a tourist, most of the road is closed. listen to what is posted and pay attention. stay out of the way unless you really are too stupid to live.

  13. GENE, not necessarily. Big Sur is unique, but much of the coast, where accessible, is spectacular in its own way. I’d take 101 up to Buellton, then turn west on 246. You can drive straight out to the ocean, but the beach is in the middle of a huge military base, so coastline access is close to nil. But good wine tasting abounds in the area if you partake. Try the wine ghetto in Lompoc. Get back on Highway 1 up towards Pismo Beach, stopping just north of Guedalupe at Oso Flaco Nature Preserve–great hike over a lakelet via causeway to the wide-open Pismo-Oceano Dunes. Travel on 1 north to Pismo where it merges with 101 to San Luis Obispo, then follow Los Osos Valley Rd out to Montaña de Oro St Pk. Great hiking trails along the stunning bluffs. North on 1 takes you to beautiful Cambria and San Simeon (Hearst Castle St Pk)with many access points to the water. It’s quite windy and can be foggy so bring warm clothes. Just south of Cambria, take 46 east to rejoin 101 as frar north as 68 as outlined above. For eating options, check chowhound.com (California board). Have a great trip!

  14. Sue, great advice! thank you.

    however, my instincts tell me it would be a big shame to miss the portion of the coast between San Simeon and Monterey.

  15. Gene, yes, it will be a shame, but nothing can be done about it until Mud Creek stops moving and water stops flowing and Cal Trans can figure out a fix. Same can be said of Paul’s Slide. You will just have to come back another year.

  16. youre right, Kate. i guess ill have a year to read your blog and to prepare a great route! 🙂

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