Paul’s Slide Photos

I took these on Friday.


This is probably the spot of most concern, to me, as you can see the new nail wall is already cracking and giving way just next to that second cone up on the left. It is already extremely narrow, and those heavy trucks for the batch plant at the bridge can’t be helping.


And here, from Cow Cliffs, north of Big Creek:


Rock Slides have destroyed the fencing/catch netting. There were so many other places where the road is sinking, buckling, and all manner of protesting.


2 thoughts on “Paul’s Slide Photos

  1. did pfeiffer park open? hope so. that’s good news………….

  2. Well hopefully that new tax that we have been paying will go towards that! Because that is going to take a lot I mean a lot of money I’ve been driving up and down that Coast since the 60s and that is just the most beautiful place on Earth to me

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