8 thoughts on “Mud Creek, yesterday, today, and on top

  1. yep – the bridge being finished may be old news by the time the mountain stops

  2. Any observation from Rock Knocker or anyone on the upper slide face. Is it still active, or did it clear a more stable surface?

  3. Thanks for the pictures Kate. May I note that pictures 1835 and 1836 appear to be taken at nearly the same time on the same day with 1836 just being zoomed closer in. Take a look at the edge of the material in the ocean. They look virtually identical to me in both. Sterling

  4. Oh, heck. Maybe I put up the wrong one. I’ll see if I can correct it in daylight. Only up for a bit this early.


  5. Thank you for the unique top perspective…and frightening that even from there everything you can see is some sort of slide debris remnant!

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