Brian Mack Video of Mud Creek in GIF, 5/22/17

Mud 2.gif

Aerial video by Brian Mack.

The GIF video is about 23 seconds long. It shows the Mud Creek slide from two different angles. Please refresh the page if the video does not show.  You may need to wait some time for it to load completely.

Below are a couple screenshots from the video. mf2

The image below was rotated to show the slide from a level perspective.mf1

11 thoughts on “Brian Mack Video of Mud Creek in GIF, 5/22/17

  1. Wow! Thanks for all the photos, they help put the situation in perspective. This looks about as large as the “big slide” below Coast Gallery sometime ago. Do you think so?

  2. Thanks, Brian.
    There’s quite a bit more ready to drop down.

  3. Those are pictures that no amount of words could explain. Holy crap!!!

  4. Will some clever real estate developer attempt to perfect land title to that lovely ocean front point that was formerly Pacific Ocean?

  5. Make the most of a peaceful summer – those who don’t live by tourism. Nature has taken the area back for the moment.

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