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Dear Southside of the Bridge Residents of Big Sur,
This is an update to let you know the concerns that were raised at the Southside Community Meeting were taken to the Unified Command. That was step one, now we’re trying to make sure the right people can work with us to address some of the concerns.
Monday’s meeting was a short meeting, here are the highlights:
1. Cal Trans discussed Paul’s slide and explained various testing and that they are monitoring it very closely with hopes of having consistent openings by end of June. (lots happened since Monday)

2. CalTrans hopes the falling of Mud Creek is a positive step. Less material to be hauled away.
3. Convoy came across Nacemiento Tuesday and another scheduled for Thursday.
4. Sur Transportation, led by Weston: The shuttle service from Molera through the valley and to the trail is moving ahead. Plan for a soft opening of service on June 16th.
5. Lots of public education will accompany the shuttling. Trail use/best practices to be posted in parking area, on trail, in the shuttle, and within the ticket itself. Two 10 person vans will work the north and two will work the south. Still looking for drivers I believe!
6. Helicopter operator is doing his best to vary the route taken to spread the sound/sight burden
7. State Parks working on getting campground cleaned up so that they can open in July
8. USFS reports they are working through the process of closing the forest to fires early this year due to all calculations they think this can happen soon.
9. USFS working on a ban on camping along the Nacimiento road corridor as it represents the only emergency access to and from Big Sur.
10. Next Unified command meeting Monday June 5th, all are welcome.
11. Unified Command expressed an intent to hold a Southside Meeting, or send representatives to next Southside Community meeting
12. A Ride Share Website is being created, stay tuned for the link information

POTLUCK June 7 at Loma Vista 5-7pm
Potluck and Community Update

Tell your neighbors, come and bring some yummy things to enjoy!

Carissa Chappellet



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