USGS Study of the Mud Creek Area, 2015-5/20/2017

I don’t pretend to understand the data presented on this link, but it was sent to me by Kenny Comello and does have some valuable photographs and insights for those who understand these things. This one screen shot causes me concern about the Sea View Ranch (see the green line dissecting right through the ranch):


To see the rest of the information, go to:

USGS Mud Creek study

Later today, I will provide the most current update about Paul’s Slide from Cal Trans, once provided, and also photos of the little bridge that could (we hope) over Nacimiento.

10 thoughts on “USGS Study of the Mud Creek Area, 2015-5/20/2017

  1. It appears to me that the green line denotes the study area which is larger than the active slide area.

  2. So Martin – you were able to open the PDF file? I can’t. Must be on my end.

  3. bsk – when I click on the link above, I get a message stating “something’s keeping this PDF from opening.” Checked on my end to make sure I could open other PDF files. All good on my computer – haha, kinda. 😉 But don’t worry about it, I doubt if I would understand much of the data, was just gonna look at more “pretty pictures”.
    This whole incident is definitely one for the history books. I would imagine professionals and researchers of many branches are scrambling to find funding to get involved in the data collection and analysis.
    What you really need are some magical “mountain whisperers” and ecological minded transportation “wizards”. 😉
    Such a mind-boggling situation…

  4. The PDF file opens fine for me. It consists of a series of aerial images made by the “Remote Sensing Coastal Project” comparing Mud Creek in Sept 2015, May 8 this year, and May 19 this year, along with false-color manipulations of them showing changes in height through that range. The whole capped with a copy of the May 20th aerial showing the “big dump” and the promise on a new survey coming shortly. Fascinating stuff.

  5. Robert Ward – you opened PDF by clicking on the above link?
    Must have aliens in my computer again… lol

  6. Denise, I have a super-fast computer, and after I click the link it still takes maybe 15 secs or a bit more for the site to finish loading. If you have an older machine, it might take several minutes. Try right-clicking the link and choose the option to open link in a new tab (assuming you use a tabbed browser of course) and then go make a nice cup of tea and take it out on the deck and enjoy the budding spring… By the time that’s all done, you may be in like Flynn 🙂

  7. Robert – Thanks for the suggestions. I tried them, and a few other things but still no go. But it did get me thinking…which can sometimes be a dangerous thing 😉 and apparently was with computers as I had changed some settings (location and privacy) on my newer, faster(?) laptop. Been having issues ever since so…
    Went over to my desktop (which definitely qualifies for old!) and what do you know – it came right up! Did the PDF file change in the last 5 minutes?(takes a while to get old thing up and running…)
    Went back to laptop – still no go. 🙁
    Then realized I was using Edge/WIN10 on laptop vs Chrome/WIN7 on old desktop. Still had Chrome on laptop (needed it while learning about new laptop/OS and it’s best if I only try one or two new “computer” things at a time…lol) – tried it and boom! Piece of cake!
    7 and 14 seconds (or so but who’s counting) so speed wasn’t the issue… weird thing is I can still open other PDF files w/ Edge…??? Oh well – will see what happens if and when I get the settings “fixed”.
    As for the USGS report… lots of “pretty pictures” I don’t understand but what I did get was that there is a whole lot of mountain left to come!
    Thanks again!

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