Schulte Road Fire, 5/25/17


Fire near the end of Schulte road.  Schulte Road is closed off including all residents. Air support is on-scene. Report is of power lines down per Skee Stanley, who is still connected, even though he left us for Texas.


Photo below shows the fire is almost out.


A couple more images provided by Scott.



5 thoughts on “Schulte Road Fire, 5/25/17

  1. Dear Kate:    Thank you so much for helping Max Jerome and El Yanqui. I don’t know if Max tried to contact you to express his appreciation, but how can we get print copies of the package in El Yanqui to you? Pony Express? Here is a link to the digital version, and we have to still post a sidebar. Thanks again.
    Big Sur community surviving and thriving – El Yanqui Newspaper – Medium By El Yanqui Newspaper By Max Jerome

     Cheers, alex hulanicki cell 831-594-5075

  2. Kate,

    Unstable soil, weak power pole stability, low hanging wires with heavy tree density worries me a lot in the Upper Robles area. I am hyper- sensitive to any fallen tree that echoes thru our community.

    Does the air fire support units have the ability to suppress an energized power line with its enviro dry retardent ? From that square sized fire images, trees are sparse luckily. I am happy to read the army of fire personnel on the scene and impressed with the crews quick action and control of the incident. Thanks for the report as always.

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