Schulte Road Fire, 5/25/17


Fire near the end of Schulte road.  Schulte Road is closed off including all residents. Air support is on-scene. Report is of power lines down per Skee Stanley, who is still connected, even though he left us for Texas.


Photo below shows the fire is almost out.


A couple more images provided by Scott.



~ by lucasryancv on May 25, 2017.

5 Responses to “Schulte Road Fire, 5/25/17”

  1. Thank you so much for this post and all that you do.


  2. Dear Kate:    Thank you so much for helping Max Jerome and El Yanqui. I don’t know if Max tried to contact you to express his appreciation, but how can we get print copies of the package in El Yanqui to you? Pony Express? Here is a link to the digital version, and we have to still post a sidebar. Thanks again.
    Big Sur community surviving and thriving – El Yanqui Newspaper – Medium By El Yanqui Newspaper By Max Jerome
    View story at

     Cheers, alex hulanicki cell 831-594-5075


  3. Kate,

    Last pic must be an open field near Mearth?


  4. Kate,

    Unstable soil, weak power pole stability, low hanging wires with heavy tree density worries me a lot in the Upper Robles area. I am hyper- sensitive to any fallen tree that echoes thru our community.

    Does the air fire support units have the ability to suppress an energized power line with its enviro dry retardent ? From that square sized fire images, trees are sparse luckily. I am happy to read the army of fire personnel on the scene and impressed with the crews quick action and control of the incident. Thanks for the report as always.


  5. Kate, 6/14…

    PV/MCH: “A Walk About Town: Exploring the Carmel River with artist Paola Berthoin”


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