13 thoughts on “KSBW reports a fire at Rocky Point Restaurant

  1. Is the Rocky Point Resto smoke traveling North? Brown haze hanging over Carmel and CV. I am on upper Tassajara Rd and can see a brown haze. Called it in. The responder was clueless. Is this structure only or brush? When did it start?

  2. I did not write ‘sitting’, it’s the you-know-what auto-pick words for me on this computer who did it. But you are right, sitting is one means of settling. There is also the horizontal positions on takes for the night and then there is the morbid one, the legal solution…. Sorry, i just LOVVVE words.

    just got the full meaning of fanfare the other day. FAN-fare! Usually loud and ego-nurturing for the celebrated one.

    Sorry … does not match the topic of this strain … just got carried away ….

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