7 thoughts on “Camping on Nacimiento now prohibited, 8/10/17

  1. Yippee ki-yay!! Big signs to with that piece of paper? Can we hope that’s a YES?

  2. It’s a great first step but unfortunately the Forest Supervisor is referring to this as a “temporary closure”. Camping along road west of summit has been a problem long before Pfeiffer Bridge failed and Mud Creek Slide.
    It will be a public safety issue long after highway repairs are made. Please make it a permanent ban to keep residents safe and cut down on toilet paper and trash that always gets left behind.

  3. Marcus, he is referring to it as a “temporary” measure with no end date given. There might be a reason for that, which I will explain in person to you tomorrow. Introduce yourself, but I think I know who you are.


  4. big sigh… yes! one step at a time. like denise asks, does this come with signage as well? and enforcement? hopeful.

  5. yes!! Just the other night had to doused some campers fire that was literally made off brush, sitting right next to the cliff side!!!

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