Mud Creek Photos, 8/15/17

These were taken yesterday, 8/14/17, by Rock Knocker, who was escorted to the work area by Wayne Walker, the project manager. First, let me put to rest all the recent rumors people have been asking me about. No, Mud Creek is NOT going to open at the same time as the bridge, and NO, it is not going to open to locals only anytime soon. As has been said numerous times before, the timeline for the completion of this project is expected to be released by month’s end. Evaluation and prep work are still being done as of now.

First off, here is a recent aerial view to provide some perspective as to what one is seeing in the closer, on-the-ground photos:


Here are 15 of the ones Rock Knocker took yesterday, then I have added two historical ones.


That is the rock sea wall being built. It will come north to that “mound” just behind the pompas grass.


On can see the containers up on the left which are going to be used as a retaining wall.


Hauling in and moving rock



This first one is from 1995:


And this one is from 1994. I am told I already published this one, but worth repeating.



4 thoughts on “Mud Creek Photos, 8/15/17

  1. Last Saturday I was sitting out in front of Seed and Soul on Main Street in the middle of Cambria sipping a ice cold beer and watching a continuous caravan of trucks going up Main Street with empty trailers and then back down Main Street with their trailers full of really big rocks, obviously destined for the Mud Creek project. It was quite a show.

  2. I noticed the pic of the shipping containers you put up awhile back and thought; ‘Those would make a great retaining wall.’ Now I’m wondering what will be put in them and how they’ll be anchored to secure them to this agitated super-slope.

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