9 thoughts on “Pfeiffer Bridge – 1/2 way point, 8/22/17

  1. What’s with that big cut, split tree on the right ? Maybe it’s the angle but would of thought it easier to clear out before this point. Lousy cut job.

  2. It is worth noting that I had permission to be on the job site for those who don’t know. I had a hard hat and safety vest on and was escorted through the job site.

  3. Yes, Kyle. Also, it should be noted that Kyle has been documenting this whole process from before bridge destruction FOR Cal Trans who uses many of his photographs. Thanks for the clarification, Kyle.

  4. Great coverage, Kyle. Being able to photo document the whole process and for Kate being able to descibe the various stages has been a great thing for us just waiting for it to open. Thank you both.

  5. Denise, that’s a telephoto shot, and the broken snag is a foreground object in relation to the bridge. I can’t tell how far from the bridge it is, but it’s not particularly close for sure.

  6. Is there an explanation somewhere of how the girders are extended over the canyon? Seems rather mind boggling.

  7. Here in Birmingham, AL we lost a bridge to a gas tank wredk and fire. It took six months for them to replace it. The most frustrating part was at the end when it was complete. Paint, signs, landscaping and everything but was not yet open to the public. The reason, concrete has to cure before it becomes structurally sound. Be prepared for that waiting period.

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