Bridge Opening Delayed?

Yesterday morning, Cal Trans held a media event at the launch of the bridge. At this event, it was revealed that the bridge might be delayed a bit into October. Here is what the CT representative told the SJ Mercury News:

“Right now, this operation is kind of an unknown for us,” said David Galarza, Caltrans’ structure representative for the project. “We have a schedule and we have predicted time frames, but because it’s kind of a new operation, it’s a bit of an unknown. We’re probably going to be (working) into October.”

Galarza gave no specific reason for his anticipation of a slight delay in opening.

4 thoughts on “Bridge Opening Delayed?

  1. How about an opening ceremony with music and dancing?
    A parade. Floats (bicycle powered). Animals. Balloons. Those guys on stilts. Big puppets.
    People from both sides meet in the middle for big group hug.
    My recommendation is that the local kids be the first to lead the way….
    The longer bridge completion is delayed, the more time to prepare.

  2. its still eariier than the original one year! The bridge builders have really been working very steady. thankyou

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