Adler Ranch Acquisition Petition

The Adler Ranch has a crucial firebreak and is for sale. The US Forest Service proposes to buy it through the Western Rivers Conservancy. Experience shows that such public ownership of the Adler Ranch would likely result in the loss of that fire break and thus increase the threat of wildfires to our community.


During the Basin Fire in 2008, the Adler Ranch was the location of 1.6 miles of firebreak that was used to stop it from burning through the Rocky Creek, Palo Colorado, and Garrapata watersheds.


One of the scoring criteria is whether there is support for the acquisition in the local community and/or from local elected officials. The Western Rivers Conservancy is working to collect statements of support for the acquisition.

The Coast Property Owners Association, Fire Safe Council For Monterey County, and others are opposed to the acquisition. They are working to explain why the acquisition would not meet the criteria, to oppose the acquisition. Your signature on the petition will help that effort by showing the acquisition does not have local support.

Mike Caplin built a one page website you can use to sign a petition that will be given to Congressman Panetta, the Forest Service, Senators Feinstein and Harris, and others.

For those of you who may want more information the petition has a lot of information in its “Whereas” section, including links to documents and video clips to back up what it says.

At the top of the web page is a link to skip to the bottom so you can go straight to signing the petition if you already feel well informed.

If you agree, please sign the petition and pass it along to others who share your concerns. Time is of the essence, so please take a few minutes to review the petition and sign it today.