Margarita Fire

8:30 pm – high winds, but good rain on this fire.

8 pm – rain is coming down pretty good in Paso Robles right now. Hopefully, it will hit this fire! Also reported to be coming down hard in Arroyo Grande. It is heading here, so I need to go close a bunch of windows.

7:15 pm – 150 acres

6 pm – additional for the fire on Pozo Rd. …Eng. 8965, 1 eng. Paso, 1 eng. 5 cities , an WT21 and WR 57. SLO City just sent an engine, and there are now 3 AT working it.

5:30: Veg. Fire Hwy 58 at West Pozo Rd. First engine at scene reporting 50 to 100 acres potential for 2000 acres. B3418 requesting additional AT’s and 5 additional engines. Going to be tough to get any air support, as helicopters are currently unavailable. And that crazy wind event that blew through Santa Barbara, then Santa Maria, may make its way north tonight.

5:00 pm – CHP reports a brush fire.

Friend send me this: “Just had a veg response for Pozo Rd. an Santa Margarita Lake Rd. ….B3418/3422, T75, Tanker an Helo o/o, Engs. 14, 42, 40, 3480, 3468, 3467, 4684, 3428, 7596, WT50, D3441 an 34E1, Cuesta crews 4 an 5”

Missy alerting on Thunder

4:32 pm – Immediate evacuation of the Alamo Fire burn area due to expected flash floods. Significant damage in Santa Barbara Harbor due to the high winds. Flash flood warning for SLO Co and Southern Monterey County as well. AA 340 just sent to Santa Barbara for a search & rescue mission.

4:00 pm – I can’t hear a thing, but Missy? She has come to sit by my feet under my desk, a behavior she only exhibits for thunder and gunshots. I also got a weather alert for severe thunderstorms in Santa Barbara, and apparently that is happening now. SLO is expected to get thunderstorms as well. This is what KSBY in SLO says:

“The Central Coast is looking at another day of heat combined with the threat of continued isolated showers and thunderstorms. Tropical storm Lidia will shift north while expanding coverage today. The Central Coast should expect increasing mid to high level subtropical clouds, rain showers and chance of thunderstorms Sunday evening into Tuesday morning. About 1/3 inch of rain is expected for many locations over three days.”

This is not good news as there are fires throughout California threatening homes. There are too many to list. Two just started this afternoon, Mission Fire in North Fork, south of Bass Lake and Oakhurst, and Peak fire in Bootjack, near Mariposa.  Structures already lost in both, and people can’t evacuate from one housing area. The La Tuna in LA has caused the evacuation of parts of Burbank, Glendale, and LA.

Stay alert and aware. It is a bad weekend.