Margarita Fire

8:30 pm – high winds, but good rain on this fire.

8 pm – rain is coming down pretty good in Paso Robles right now. Hopefully, it will hit this fire! Also reported to be coming down hard in Arroyo Grande. It is heading here, so I need to go close a bunch of windows.

7:15 pm – 150 acres

6 pm – additional for the fire on Pozo Rd. …Eng. 8965, 1 eng. Paso, 1 eng. 5 cities , an WT21 and WR 57. SLO City just sent an engine, and there are now 3 AT working it.

5:30: Veg. Fire Hwy 58 at West Pozo Rd. First engine at scene reporting 50 to 100 acres potential for 2000 acres. B3418 requesting additional AT’s and 5 additional engines. Going to be tough to get any air support, as helicopters are currently unavailable. And that crazy wind event that blew through Santa Barbara, then Santa Maria, may make its way north tonight.

5:00 pm – CHP reports a brush fire.

Friend send me this: “Just had a veg response for Pozo Rd. an Santa Margarita Lake Rd. ….B3418/3422, T75, Tanker an Helo o/o, Engs. 14, 42, 40, 3480, 3468, 3467, 4684, 3428, 7596, WT50, D3441 an 34E1, Cuesta crews 4 an 5”

~ by bigsurkate on September 3, 2017.

3 Responses to “Margarita Fire”

  1. Rain has arrived in SLO county!


  2. Kate,

    Labor Day sprinkles finally arrived moments ago…despite the excessive smoke & haze- this moment should be called shinkles. Air quality is very poor once again…Visibility sucks must be close to 1.5 miles at best.


  3. Kate,

    MCH: “Peninsula experiences record heat and visitors over Labor Day”


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