Fire in Partington Canyon

BSVFD called out to a spot fire in Partington Canyon. It is being extinguished, 100 by 100 spot, probable illegal camp fire, possible suspect on foot southbound near JP burns walking in Black clothing. Be on the look out and report to MCSO.

It is very windy up here, not sure about in Partington Canyon. Rain expected Thursday night (Thursday afternoon for the Sonoma Fires) and it can’t get here too soon – about 1/10 – 1/4 of an inch. Probably more up here in the higher elevations

19 thoughts on “Fire in Partington Canyon

  1. I do not understand WHY in the hell there are NO signs anywhere on Hwy 1 saying no fires out of authorized areas ???
    I think a digital sign on both north and south entry to Big Sur coast is in order. Who is running things ???

  2. This is the second vegetation fire south of bridge since it opened three days ago. I sound like a broken record but we need night patrols during the busy and fire prone months! As inconvenient it was to lose the bridge it helped keep us safe from all the idiots!!!

  3. I agree with Marcus, more patrols would save millions of dollars in the long run. We were very lucky that the last three vegetation fires didn’t get away and run.

  4. On Saturday night there were TWO illegal campfires on the south coast!! One on Naci and one at Mill Creek picnic area! Oh so glad the bridge opened >:(
    And on Friday night someone staying at gorda tossed their cigarette out the window that started a grass fire! Intelligence abounds!
    On Sunday CHP told me the humidity level is down to 14-16%!!

  5. Kate,

    Yet, another Monday morning power outage after 10AM in Upper Robles at Carmel Valley lasted 90+ minutes – back up & running – no reason given by PGE on cause. No local media knows these things happen here! – Another fist clinching frustrating moment…

  6. Kate,

    KSBW weather forecast has your predictions on our area rain chance as very accurate.

    Aggravated to read all the trouble the bridge opening has coincidentally charged up fire flurry frustrations.

  7. I hope it’s true and I’m not spreading rumors:
    Someone from one of our local agencies just let me know that they spotted him, pointed him out to our Deputy Sheriff and he’s been arrested.

  8. Tony, I just heard from a Cal Trans worker who spotted the guy in the area of the fire (although no smoke yet) and then stopped on his way south and gave out his description to the ranger on the fire. He also spotted him further down the road and got a photo. Then he spotted him talking to the sheriff, and then the next time, both were gone. (He was making runs between Cal Trans yard north and dumping south.) So it looks very possible that he has been escorted out of the area at the very least. He may have had warrants and was arrested on those. Jesse will know.

  9. Yea, Kate, it was a CalTrans employee that told me, just wasn’t sure if I should identify him or the agency. I HOPE they gave him, at the very least, the $5,000.00 fine that’s supposed to come with an illegal fire!

  10. Are we serious about illegal campfires or not? Last time I called sheriff’s office about a campfire on Mal Paso Beach, the deputy came down and refused to tell them to douse the fire. He said they were just kids having a little fun and left. Signs are needed and also why can’t they put it on the electronic sign on Hwy 1 by Carmel River Bridge?

  11. Yea, I posted that cigarette fire and the others above with the silly name ‘nunyabidness’ 😉 I thought you’d know it was me from my email address lol Pretty sad about the cigarette, as the person that did it SHOULD know better and should be sent packing outta Big Sur for their actions!
    On Saturday night I got home about 9:30pm and around 9:40 the PV firetruck zipped by lights and sirens going! I walked out near the highway to see if I could tell where they were going and I could see another firetruck coming around Lopez Point! First full day the bridge is open and we have 3 total illegal fires!

  12. Helen, I agree re the electronic signs at both ends of highway, and will bring this up at the Big Sur Multi-Agency Meeting on 11/3. I would like to see the fine quoted, too.

    Unfortunately, it is my experience that the field MCSO does not want to address this issue, so we must try their supervisors, again.

  13. The problem, in my opinion from experiences, is that, as mentioned by Kate, Mo.Co. doesn’t want to…. oh, I don’t know…. give tourists tickets because that might upset them and they won’t come spend money– they actually don’t spend money anyway, because they’re illegally camping…. but I often go up to illegal campers and act like I’m a tourist in the area and I ask them how they’re camping there if it’s illegal (I’ve done this many times in PV) and almost always I get a form of the same reply. ‘Oh, we’re from Santa Cruz so we know they don’t enforce illegal camping anywhere in Big Sur.’ Sometimes they even invite me to set up my illegal site right near there’s. Oh, how nice. smh

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