Weather Report, 10/16/17-dry lightning Tues?

I hate posting 3 times in one day, but sometimes, events warrant it. Keep your eye on your local weather reports…this could get dicey tomorrow. Let’s hope it doesn’t. From NWS, Monterey:

”Updated the afternoon forecast package to include a mention of a slight chance of dry thunderstorms primarily over Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito county for Tuesday afternoon. There is a surge of moisture around 600mb coupling with some elevated instability on the southwestern flank of the exiting ridge. Satellite imagery already shows an area of cooler cloud tops in an area the size of Texas that the National Hurricane Center gives a 30% chance of forming into a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours. Should this complex strengthen into a cyclone, we would likely need to make updates to the forecast, so please keep close attention to any updates regarding this.” Heads up. Fortunately, the USFS has started recon flights after these events, if it should occur.

4 thoughts on “Weather Report, 10/16/17-dry lightning Tues?

  1. Well, this should be interesting. I’m staying overnight tomorrow with my girls in Big Sur. We plan on driving down the coast and dinner at Nepenthe like we haven’t been able to enjoy for almost nine months. It will still be wonderful!

  2. Dear Kate:   I’ve been wondering where you were — just looked in SPAM box. Missed you.  Cheers, alex hulanicki cell 831-594-5075

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