Partington Fire



Big Sur-On Monday, An illegal camp fire was started by a traveler hiking along the Pacific Coast Highway. Michael Manneback of Cape Coral,Florida was illegally camping in the Partington Canyon area in Big Sur when he started a warming fire. The fire then caught sections of dry needles and grass on fire. Several maintenance workers with California State Parks saw the smoke in the canyon, called it in and took action battling the blaze with shovels. A local resident from Partington Ridge also saw the vegetation fire and drove down to assist. The Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade and U.S.Forest Service firefighters arrived to contained the blaze to a 100 foot by 100 foot section. State Park Rangers and Sheriff deputies worked together to locate Manneback. Manneback was arrested by the Monterey County Sheriffs Office and transported to the Monterey County Jail where charges are pending. Cal-fire assisted with the fire investigation. The Sheriff’s office would like to extend a huge thanks to the quick action taken by the state park maintenance crew and Partington resident. They risked their lives by placing themselves in danger to suppress the spread of the fire. This bought time for local fire agencies to arrive and fully extinguish the vegetation fire. This section of the Los Padres National Forest had not burned during the Soberanes Fire so there was still a lot of fuel. The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office would like to advise the public that camp fires of any kind are not permitted outside Designated campfire use areas.

~ by bigsurkate on October 18, 2017.

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  1. Not that this means that he is guilty… but his mug is on mugshots online… stating that a Michael Manneback escaped from a work release program.

    Here is the arrest report…

    Eric Mathewson

    O +1.415.675.6751 | M +1.415.519.6655


  2. Is it possible to print your post text in black letters on white background on the website? Hard to read white on black and you offer such important information, I hate to not be aware of what is going on in our area because I can¹t read the black blog.

    From: BigSurKate Reply-To: BigSurKate Date: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 12:58 PM To: Elizabeth Vobach Subject: [New post] Partington Fire bigsurkate posted: ” Big Sur-On Monday, An illegal camp fire was started by a traveler hiking along the Pacific Coast Highway. Michael Manneback of Cape Coral,Florida was illegally camping in the Partington Canyon area in Big Sur when he started a warming fire. The fire t”


  3. Elizabeth, There are a variety of ways of presenting, but I chose this one 9 years ago as it Best presents the photos. I am sorry you find it hard to read.


  4. I had hoped at some point that the Forest Service would map out areas that have NOT burned in the last 25 and 50 years or longer. That way the “locals” would be aware of high risk areas. Unfortunately, there was no response or real follow up. Then again, they’ve been busy…


  5. Peter, the locals KNOW the high risk areas; BELIEVE me on that one! The fires are being caused by the ‘It’s-All-About-Me-And-What-I-Want’ “YOLO” generation of cityot tourons!


  6. Amen, Tony.


  7. Good! I hope they continue to enforce the fines and all other penalties that the “powers that be” have written on a piece of paper. Don’t stop with some guy that may already have issues with the law, that may not be able to afford high priced private council and that already has one foot in jail.
    Fires don’t care how deep your pockets are or who you know and neither should our law officials. (as has been suggested several times in the comments on past posts)
    Stay vigilant people!


  8. Elizabeth – HOLD down the Ctrl key and hit the plus sign (+) a couple times on your keyboard. It won’t change the color but it will make the text bigger and maybe easier to read. Ctrl minus sign (-) makes it smaller.
    If you hit plus (+) three times to make it bigger…. hitting minus (-) three times will take it back to the original size.
    This is for reading on a computer…


  9. This should be posted on social media with a WARNING to everyone that illegal fire starters will be arrested.


  10. Thanks for the broad publicity to this horrible risk.
    It raises also a more deeper question to all residents of the county to our current political leadership:
    When will you pass a law that prohibits all outside fires unless permits or notifications are given.
    This includes smoking.. putting $5,000 fine. This will get attention and with adaquate publicity at airports upon arrival,entering the State as we do for insect inspection, hotels and entertainment centers and in all State publicity and promotions abroad!
    Within 5 years our awareness will reach the world and risks for fires will have been deminished.better said, we can survive!
    Hope you can spread the word!
    Cheers , Robert Korstanje

    Ps. Just got back from Molera Park and noticed the extreme dry conditions.
    Still noticed people smoking along Highway 1.


  11. Thanks to all the wonderful people who came to help

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  12. You are so right, Robert.


  13. Brenda, it is. I publish on FB and twitter. I only have close to 5,000 followers, but some pass it on.


  14. Thank you, Denise. I use a Mac, so have lost track with the PC stuff…


  15. Right on. Denise. I completely agree


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