8 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 10/29/17 – Nutcracker Suite, 1965

  1. My sister, Leigh Anne Hartman, now artist Leigh Toldi, drew the cover. That’s Janet Sommerville in the candy cane outfit.

  2. Funny Wallyncats mentions Patrons & Donors – I see my former employers & business name mentioned…Mr. & Mrs Hugh Fleenor (Mary Post), and Rancho Sierra Mar. Good find Sylvia!!

  3. We were very lucky to have Eve Ross as our costume designer. I recall that she went above and beyond the call of duty for this show. Her eyes sparkled joy even as she organized the chaotic masses of wild children surrounding her, getting measurements, and then later presenting each with the costumes on dress rehearsal dates. These were very exciting costumes when seen from the point of view of kids from a very small world, many not having a TV and little or no radio.

    For the cover, we interested students were asked to draw something basically at the last moment (after we were in dress rehearsal mode). I was blown away that mine was chosen over the others because I was only 10 (4th grade), and one of the smaller & shyer kids. I loved Janet’s costume and her powerful dance. This was my first graphic drawing (bold stripes). The person on the right could be Amy Bommersbach. The middle dancer could be Krista or Char(?)

    Winning this competition became a lifelong symbol to me that I could provide drawings if someone wanted one. It gave me a confidence that eventually took me into national publications.

    When looking at the drawing now I laugh. In many ways I am still that awkward and wild person who loves to draw people. My God, those ballerinas awed me. That’s what growing up in Big Sur did to you: made you wild and deep at heart… and this doesn’t go away, no matter where you go in life and to what part of the world.

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