17 thoughts on “Big Sur State Parks Update & Winter Schedule

  1. Please note that there’s a very significant error in this “Current conditions” notice. Although it says “PINE RIDGE TRAIL, SYKES HOT SPRINGS and much of the Monterey Ranger District within the Los Padres Forest in Big Sur is closed until December 4, 2017”, 12/04/17 is merely the expiration date of the current Forest Order. A new Order is expected within the next few weeks. While it will reduce the closure area, the lower/western Pine Ridge Trail (between Big Sur Station & Redwood Camp) is impassible & will remain closed indefinitely. I will alert State Parks of this error, but you may want to update your readers once they correct it. Thanks!

  2. Possibly. Mike Splain is a member of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance as well as the Sierra Club. I looked at both articles for his name, and couldn’t find it. When you say “sharing these stories…” sharing where? With whom? What is the significance of his sharing these?

  3. Kate, correct.

    OASN: I have heard Point Sur Lightstation is haunted.. Has anyone had a spooky encounter while visiting there?

  4. The proposed $70. entrance fee is for (up to) one carload of people for 7 days. Works out to $10. per day.
    But, I understand, that is a lot of money for us poor folk.
    Still, a lot cheaper, and far superior, to a lot of today’s entertainment.
    I’m really disappointed about the whole thing.

  5. The serious problem with the national forest pass is that they aren’t valid at the 50 national forest parks/picnic areas/campgrounds in the los padres national forest because they have all been farmed out to parks mismanagement company, which is a nightmare for profit company that does whatever they want, including installing illegal fee boxes in our free day use facilities. The American public is being totally screwed and don’t/won’t know it until they try using their worthless pass at many many facilities. Sad. Even more sad is the fact that they are now getting state parks, too!

  6. Mike Splain,

    Monterey County Jack’s Peak Park hikers reported a sighting of a black bear today- Park rangers did its best to find this bear, but, no luck- public alert was issued to all visitors of the park.

    How often do one these bears return to its area it once roamed regularly?

  7. Andrew, I just googled black bear behavior and there is a wealth of information available about their ranges, their habitats, and eating habits. They go where the food is and have excellent memories, particularly re food, and can smell even 7 times better than dogs, particularly as it comes to food.

    I have seen a couple up here, and have seen several incidents such as tearing open a trailer looking for food.


  8. Kate,

    I believe it got lost trying to find the real Black Bear Diner on Fremont St, Seaside : ) .

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