6 thoughts on “Anticipated Rainfall

  1. Can anyone tell me if I can get to Lucia Lodge yet, either from the north or south? I’d be coming from the Los Angeles area. Are they open?

  2. geez, this rain is so ‘iffy’; strong, maybe, weak maybe, just a bit etc etc etc we need someone to pull a roof off, please, that’d get a real rain! let’s get some solid ‘rain bait’ out there. any volunteers? leave a pallet of cement out uncovered, maybe some sensitive electronics, we need bait!!

    doing what I can for ‘bait’, but perhaps the value is not enough. we shall see.

    or hey, maybe rain dance? bring it !!!

  3. LOL. I’d wash my truck if it would help! But no bags of cement, no uncovered firewood, no roof off or sensitive electronics left out, sorry.

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