Rain Reports, Friday, 11/3/17

11 am -From SLO forecaster this am:

“Due to orographic enhancement rainfall totals will range between three quarters of an inch in the Santa Lucia mountains, especially above Cambria and Cayucos, to less than a tenth of an inch in most other Central Coast locations.” Lockwood already received 7/10ths this am and the hills east of Hearst Castle/Cambria received 1/2 and inch.

“A break in the rain is forecast on Sunday with partly cloudy skies and marine low clouds with areas of fog and mist in the coastal regions and temperatures in the low to mid-60s.”

“The models still indicate that a Gulf of Alaska storm and associated cold front will produce increasing southerly winds and rain Wednesday night into next Friday. Please
stay tuned.”

At 8 am I had .08”. I had a cloud burst earlier, then on and off light rain the rest of this am. Will update this evening.

8 thoughts on “Rain Reports, Friday, 11/3/17

  1. from the rain shadow area off River Road – got a surprise around 2 AM – minimal but enough to collect in the bottom of some containers laying around.

  2. On Tass Road CV … could not resist whistling …. I’m singing in the rain ….

  3. It would be great if we, as in all of California, receive several systems of 2-3 days of long, gentle rain, a short break, then “repeat as needed, until you have achieved your desired results”. So many naked burned areas.
    Please hold off on the rain dances for now.

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