Thomas Fire Smoke Drift

6 pm – just got a notice that this fire is now up to 230,000 acres and containment has dropped to 10%. Oh, lord.

2 pm – The pyrocumulus plume is flattening, which means the winds are changing and it is the most dangerous time for fire fighters. Note the one on the top is 1:29 pm the second is is 12:19. That one reached 30K feet into the atmosphere.


Most recent MODIS – taking aim at Carpenteria and Montecito. Reminder of the Tea Fire:


I watched a smoke cloud come over Willow Creek before noon today, and now it is quite smokey up here. This is Gorda Mtn around noon, by Inga:


Below is the smoke taken from Oxnard, earlier this am:

Around noon, it was reported to me that the fire was headed to Montecito and Carpenteria.


~ by bigsurkate on December 10, 2017.

4 Responses to “Thomas Fire Smoke Drift”

  1. Your white falling effects are very appropriate. Not snow unfortunately….


  2. Until 12:30pm, it was dark yellow just above Cambria, in all directions. Needed to turn on indoor lights, desire our sout facing sliding doors and windows. Now we have blue sky above. Cambria Fire Dept sent notification that smoke was from Socal fires, not local. Sent in response to local Cambria social media posts that indicated concern for smoke source location.


  3. Despite, not desire. South, not sout. Smart phone auto spell is dumb.

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  4. It was very scary in Cambria. Almost like a Eclipse.

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