Fire behind Ventana, 12/11/17

7:15 am – As of 12:34 am, a fire back behind Ventana was reported at about 3 acres.  It was reported to me that evacuations were issued. 4 LPF responded. I am sure BSVFB, also, but have no collorboration. At 2:11 am, Ryan Webster was made IC, but at 3:29 am, Peter Harris was made IC, both of the LPNF, and the acreage was reduced to 1.6 acres.

~ by bigsurkate on December 11, 2017.

6 Responses to “Fire behind Ventana, 12/11/17”

  1. what does IC stand for


  2. Incident Commander, Carl.


  3. Hi there ~ do you know if the fire has been contained? We have been camping Big Sur to get away from the Thomas Fire & very alarming to wake up in the middle of the night to evacuate from another fire. Thank you.


  4. “Contained” is a term of art, so not sure that has been applied, BUT the acreage was reduced from 3 acres to 1.6, so they certainly have a handle on it. Can’t escape the smoke from the Thomas Fire, unfortunately.


  5. Thanks Kate for your astute ongoing coverage. We here in C.V. village have indeed plenty of smoke but at least we now know it is NOT from the 1.6 acre fire behind Ventana. At least we hope this is correct?


  6. That is correct. The Ventana Fire is out. This is the Thomas Fire you are experiencing second hand. Smoke pretty bad.


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