Updated Snow Prediction, 2/18/18

From NOAA: “ snow levels will fall to or below 1,500 by tonight and potentially as low as 1,000 feet Monday morning. Thus, the chances for accumulating snowfall have increased for the Santa Cruz and Santa Lucia Mountains from late this evening into Monday morning. The latest high-resolution models indicate the potential for 1-3″ in the Santa Cruz Mountains with the highest elevations picking up nearly 5″. Meanwhile, the Santa Lucia Mountains will likely receive the greatest snowfall where 2-6″ will be more likely with isolated amounts upwards of 8″.”

Oh, this could be fun! I guess I will be building a fire later today/this evening.

~ by bigsurkate on February 18, 2018.

4 Responses to “Updated Snow Prediction, 2/18/18”

  1. Luv the annual token Snowfalls we are so fortunate to receive! Can’t wait to see it from Hi 17, covering our Redwood Mountains! Enjoy all~~~ Jan 🤗


  2. Time to cover the succulents!


  3. Stay warm my friend…i have the wood piled next to my stove for tonight and the next few days…..


  4. Snowflakes falling at 1000′ on the South Coast.


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