Snow on the North Coast, 2/19/18

Not so much here. I have a photo of some on my deck, but no Cone Peak covered with it.

These are Coast Ridge Rd. from Soaring:



Soaring’s back yard:


And here is my front deck & critter dish:



Sorry, no beautiful photos of Cone Peak this am. The North Coast got most of it. Still it is cold enough to build a fire this am.

5 thoughts on “Snow on the North Coast, 2/19/18

  1. Nothing but cold winds on Willow – 2000′. 30 degrees last night, and a balmy 40 degrees now, but not counting the wind chill.

  2. Your Pictures of the Porch sprinkled with SNOW are Shocking to this Canadian <<< but I should limit my 'shock' …. as I look out my window this morningI see RAIN and the temp is 45 F.

    Something is Wrong … it's NOT supposed to be raining in Southern Ontario and Snowing on The Sur at this time on the year …. who writes this script !!!

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