Highway One closure update, 2/26/18

Nothing has changed since the last update (Mud Creek still closed until end of summer; Paul’s Slide still active with 24/7 one-way signal traffic; still adding finishing touches on the infamous bridge) but here are the photos. Mud Creek:


~ by bigsurkate on February 26, 2018.

5 Responses to “Highway One closure update, 2/26/18”

  1. ..good progress made… i’d feel more comfortable with long-term monitoring of the upper slide areas ….

    As for Paul’s … not surprised, that slide continues to spill rocks ….needs ongoing monitoring also …


  2. Kate should have plenty of mud and wet road pics today..


  3. lol Kate where are those ugly pics that will keep the tourists away?


  4. Actually, I don’t. I am NOT going out in this. My road will be a mess, and don’t want to mess it up further.


  5. We’re out here from Cape Cod, staying in Carmel Valley, and today I did the loop from Carmel all the way down to the closure, then back up and over the Nacimiento Rd to the Mission, then back up Carmel Valley Rd in the twilight. I’ve never seen less traffic on Hwy 1, even back in the 60’s. It was a great, if somewhat wet, day. Paul’s slide has become an “interesting” place for sure 🙂 I like the shed or whatever the heck they call it covering some of the road down there so it’s like a tunnel, very Italian-feeling to me, maybe Swiss-feeling.


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