OCR & Bixby, recently, 2/26/18



God forbid there should be an emergency on OCR – fire, injury or something.


~ by bigsurkate on February 26, 2018.

8 Responses to “OCR & Bixby, recently, 2/26/18”

  1. Kate,

    Am I in your way ? Where is the outrage?


  2. Andrew, my blog automatically posts to FB and twitter (as you know) as well. FB is where people express their outrage and reposts. I just wish they would add their voice and call these things in to the non-emergency number for the MCSO, Coastal Division is 831-647-7911. Program into your phone. Include area code.



  3. “Oh, you missed the picture- the bridge is over there—>”.

    Thought it was Tourist Tuesday already.


  4. Re our ‘Character of Place’: Big Sur is more than a pretty concrete bridge. Any of the other hundreds of turnouts reveal more Character of Place. Even more is revealed by walking but a few minutes beyond the highway. Are the unwieldy masses better contained in a bus? Less traffic, litter, wear and tear?


  5. Put a stop to advertising Big Sur by County of Monterey and hospitality business in Monterey.


  6. Unbelievable !


  7. I must say…I’m impressed at how close to each other they are without doing damage (I assume there’s no damage)! That’s skillful maneuvering! Kudos to the 2nd driver!!


  8. Seeing all these recent posts about tourists and Hwy 1, I wonder if a two pronged approach would be best.

    Folks such as these bus drivers know the rules and are basically flaunting them ‘cos there’s no consequence, so prong 1 would better enforcement of existing laws/rules. Could a local (hotel or similar) tax fund additional sheriffs for extra enforcement?

    Prong 2 would address out of state/country visitors who are not familiar with the local rules (an etiquette) of the road. Maybe a leaflet that’s in the rack cards at all the area hotels that give tips for driving 1, including such gems as pulling over for faster traffic etc., framed in such a way as to enhance the visitor experience, and make it available in multiple languages, based on the most common first languages of visitors.


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