4 thoughts on “Tourist Tuesday, 5/22/18

  1. A great reminder to Vote, if you haven’t already ( by mail). We need to stop funding tourism marketing, first step – responsible leaders who observe, listen, learn.

  2. Wow, I had no idea so much money was involved in marketing this area to tourists.

    Visit Carmel get $120k of public money from Carmel.

    See Monterey (MCCVB marketing Monterey County) has been getting $184k of public money from Carmel.

    Visit California spends $120 million per year marketing CA.


    Any idea how much other local places pay MCCVB, or of its overall budget?

    And any idea of how effective these marketing campaigns are (or think they are)? I know the posted article wonders about their effectiveness (or lack thereof), but I’m wondering what the folks behind these sites claim their effectiveness is.

  3. We certainly can redirect this $ to toilets, trash removal, and rangers….fire prevention campaigns, etc.

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