2017 MCCVB Travel Economic Impact report




Better, cleaner graphic by Brendon Shave:


~ by bigsurkate on May 25, 2018.

8 Responses to “2017 MCCVB Travel Economic Impact report”

  1. Pages 4-6 are missing.


  2. Here is the full report :


    (found via https://www.seemonterey.com/members/tools/reports/ )


  3. I’m really curious what percentage of balance of county is Big Sur coast and Carmel Valley for each category. If broken out it could give the 5th district some meaningful data. Great graphic.


  4. I re-uploaded the report and it looks to be correct now. Thank you for bringing that to my attention, and for providing a link to the full report. I need readers like you who let me know when I need to correct something. Thank you.


  5. Kate, Ventana Inn expansion controversy….

    CPC/CC: “Coastal commission: Big Sur should have a say”



  6. I saw that, Andrew. There is only so much I can cover.



  7. More Kate via TKN/SLO & KT..

    “A 30-mile commute now takes 3 hours: Impacts of Hwy. 1 Mud Creek Slide closure hit hard”



  8. It strikes me as ironic that a report about Travel Impact focuses on revenue generated by tourism, but has nothing to say about the impact said tourists have on traveling around this region.


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