Board of Supervisor’s Meeting re STRs 6/19/2018

The Board meeeting starts at 9 am, but STRs are scheduled for 10:30 am. I did not download anything other than the 2 maps re STRS, but if you go to the county website, here Mo Co Main Page and on the bottom is the link to the Board of Supervisors Meetings.

These two maps may be of interest to some of you. If so, I suggest you download them, so that you can enlarge them.


One thought on “Board of Supervisor’s Meeting re STRs 6/19/2018

  1. We’ve heard that STR discussion at this meeting will include whether to/how to handle Enforcement of STR provisions– if you are interested in insuring the County will enforce regs related to STR’s, this will be an important meeting to attend.

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