7 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 6/17/18

  1. Is this the newest joint exercise between the DPRK and the (TAA) Trump Apocalypse Administration alliance?

  2. WOW! I don’t know if those are enhanced or not but either way that would scare the holy crap out of me… especially if and EVEN if I knew it was a “controlled” burn! Either way – I sure as hell wouldn’t drive towards it!! lol

  3. I did use HDR on it so that the low and high tones are brought out, and added a frame, but that’s it. It helped that they stopped us and there were fire trucks everywhere, and knowing it was a controlled burn. But if we hadn’t been right there, it would have been even scarier.


  4. Bet that brings back some bad memories. We have some slash piles miles up in the forest and I was hoping they’d burn them before things dried out again. They didn’t. I’m talking about brush piles bigger than the common McMansion. May we have a summer without smoke!

  5. Hoping that’s not as ominous as it seems! Then again you’ve really been getting clobbered in every imaginable way lately.

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