Busted lock on gate & rude tourists

Had my lock broken off so a car full of tourist could get in. Description: White Subaru, license 7TNX840. 2 Asian men, 2 Asian females, 20s. I hope this works, as I normally don’t upload videos. Fortunately, my son, Brendon Shave caught them. I called and reported to USFS-PV Station to BOLO and then called MCSO to report them.

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  1. Kate, How often had you give the public a lowdown on your boundaries? Time to add the Keep Out/ Private Property signs on the gate

  2. Andrew I have signs posted ON the gate, leaded to the gate, all up and down the road before the gate (it is all private property) and it does no damn good. They shoot them, pull them down and I keep putting them upl.


  3. You call that rude? What about criminal trespass? Brendan did great but to what effect? They were certainly filming the incident and probably regard it as a super-fun wild-west adventure and 20 million Chinese with GPS will be encouraged to do it again. Perhaps you need to look at the kind of special sliding-bar lock holder we went to on the Coast Ridge Road in the late 60s and/or post some basic information on trespassing and citizens’ arrests… A formal complaint might at least insure their visas are cancelled and they are deported unless they want to experience the fun of US jails – that might have useful results in the country that sees itself as the “Center of the World”, replacing of course The Greatest Nation in World History…

  4. Kate, have you thought of adding road spikes for those who ignore the signs and warnings?- This should make those unwanted intruders think twice of breaching those gates! It’s frustrating folks don’t respect your private spaces!

  5. Okay, I will tell Xi Jinping to advise Chinese tourists about your preparations. How many cases of ammo did you say you had in reserve?

  6. Maybe get no trespassing signs in multiple languages to separate the truly ignorant from the malicious?

  7. True, these were malicious ones, but I seem to recall you helping out some folks from China (if I remember correctly) last year that got a rental RV stuck somewhere near you – so I figured there are both kinds of folks in your area.

  8. Yes, that was only last month, and those were people who got their car stuck. They walked all the way here, with no water. Yes, we helped them. The stuck motorhome I only reported on, it was on South Coast Ridge Rd.

    We have always gotten both the malicious and the lost up here, and I don’t group them together. They are different types of people and are of all ages, races, and backgrounds. The lost, I help, the malicious, I chase off.


  9. OMG! The stuff you have to put up with is beyond reason. Can’t help but wonder where it will all end. Sending loads of sympathy.

  10. Part of the price of living out in the boons, I reckon. Back in the day when we lived on acreage surrounded by an extensive woodland at the end of a 1.5 mile dead-end road, we’d get horse people and dirt-bike riders entering the property; often right up by the house. I’d greet them with my 20-guage in hand and explain that the ‘private property’ signs meant what they said. One guy said, “Oh, we thought it was a park…”, go figure. We got a few ‘belligerents’ now and then and on those occasions I’d slide a round into the shotgun’s chamber just to emphasize that I meant business. Don’t know what went on when we weren’t around to police the place.

  11. Kate, what has been the biggest safety/security improvement you have added to your perimeter land defense? Sounds like you’re more than a little pissed off..

  12. Actually, no, I am not pissed off – frustrated is more like it. I will be taking measures, but I sure won’t be announcing what they are on the internet or when I implement them. Not even privately, except to a very few individuals.

    The loss of my guard dogs has been the biggest problem. Only one left, and she is old. Missy is not a guard dog, but will be getting her a companion of the guard dog type.


  13. Wow Kate, Thank goodness your son was there to catch them!  VIDEO cams are almost a must any more, sadly.  He was wise to record his actions confronting them.  Remember to call in Archangel Michael for protection & courage, by visualizing his SAPPHIRE Blue Bubble of protection all around whatever, & whomever you choose.  It works! Blessings,Jan😇

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  14. OASN, Kate, You have stated in the past during the rainy season your road turns into a mudheap – Have you ever used blue rock surfacing for safer passages & conditions?

  15. Another View: My privacy enhancers & adblockers squashed those videos-, but, I did enjoy those road cable gadget deterrents had plenty of fun behind them, lol.

  16. if they were tourists in rental car, does a sledgehammer come stock with the trunk tools? how about a Smith & Wesson protection sign? Universally understood in any language…and thumbs up to another young guard dog. There’s a woman in SLO who fosters and trains abandoned dogs to be guard/family dogs. Maybe animal services could connect you. best wishes, Kate.

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