Tourist Tuesday6/19/18

After being closed for 3 years, Mariposa Grove in Yosemite is finally open. It had to close for 3 years to rehabilitate the area from overuse to protect the giant redwoods. We will be in the same situation, if we don’t develop solutions. We must have a plan or our children will have to develop a plan to “correct the sins of the past.”


”YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK — After being closed to the public for nearly three years, Mariposa Grove, the storied forest of giant sequoia trees at Yosemite National Park first set aside for protection by Abraham Lincoln, [reopened] Friday morning following completion of a $40 million restoration project.”

“But crumbling asphalt pavement, aging pit toilets, traffic jams and a diesel tourist tram tarnished the area. The restoration project, the largest in park history, aims to restore natural serenity and take pressure off the massive trees’ fragile root systems while also improving the flow of water to help the forest thrive in generations to come.”

“It had been compromised,” said Dean, a former Yosemite ranger of the grove. “These trees are super-resilient. But we don’t want them to fail on our watch. This area has continued to be chipped away at with the best of intentions. What we’re doing is correcting for the sins of the past.”

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6 thoughts on “Tourist Tuesday6/19/18

  1. Correcting Sins of the Past ? Lets hope that we don’t have to address this about Federal and State lands in Big Sur .

  2. I just heard from a friend on tour in Bhutan … “To keep from being overrun by backpackers, Bhutan requires foreign tourists, capped at 70,000 a year, to spend $250 a day” …. hmmmm

  3. I like that! No toll booth, but at end of Big Sur (north and south) must show receipts for $X or pay the equivalent in a tax to benefit Big Sur directly…I’ll get on that! I need to look for the article on that.

  4. I’ve run into some wonderful, considerate tourists here on the coast, but then there are the others…. I can’t help but wonder why we’re getting more and more examples of folks who come here wanting to trash things. I just don’t get it.

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