More Highway One bad news? 6/27/18

6/28 UPDATE: I checked with Cal Trans re this, and as a reader noted below in the comments, this is not new. CT replied:

”Yes, the bridge is fine.  It’s the Dolan Creek Bridge and it’s been like that for quite a while.  It has been inspected numerous times.  Heath said that the bridge crew checked it not too long ago.  It was apparently a newer CHP officer that noticed it, but I’m glad he’s looking for those kinds of things.

I can only hope this is found to be nothing, although it sounds potentially disastrous. (thanks for pointing this out, Jeff Mallory)

incident: 00193 Type: Request CalTrans Notify
Location: 3160 MM1 Loc Desc: SR1 X DOLAN CREEK BRIDGE
Lat/Lon: 36.111418 -121.627833
Detail Information
3:06 PM 3 [6] [Notification] [CHP]-CAL TRANS ENRT, 20 MIN ETA
2:45 PM 2 [2] 1039 CT

9 thoughts on “More Highway One bad news? 6/27/18

  1. That bridge has had a sag at the northern end of the SB lane for quite a while (I first noticed it I think at least a couple of years ago).

    Caltran has worked on the road deck level before now to smooth out the rut, but the side of the bridge has consistently remained sagged.

    I always wondered if it was an issue, but assumed after the road deck work (probably done at least 18 months ago if not longer) that the integrity of the bridge must be OK.

    Hopefully it’s not gotten worse all of a sudden.

    I assume it’s here –

    Here’s a better angle looking north – notice how the top rail sags on the south bound lane near the northern edge –


  2. Brenda, that is fascinating info on the inspection in 2015. If I am reading it correctly, it should have been inspected again in two years? I did notify Cal Trans who passed the info on to their structural engineer for this area, so if it needs another inspection, I am sure that will happen. Thanks for finding this and posting it!

  3. You are welcome. I think we can all agree a lot has happened since 2015.

  4. This came up somewhere during the Pfeiiffer cyn bridge failure…. maybe it was in FB. The N column of that bridge dropped a bit in the El Nino winter of ‘82-‘83. CT spent months piling rip rap around the base of that column to stabilize it. It is right on a fault deemed inactive in recent times. They also drilled a four inch drain through the deck at the low point. Sometime in the nineties when many bridges were seismically retro fitted, this bridge was reinforced and the rip rap removed. I assume this one and all bridges are routinely inspected.

  5. CVV: Kate, Good to know – I will be on an island if Esquiline/Hitch Canyon Creek Bridge connection gives out- Intolerable for both – high priority of replacement as of 6/16. I thought this is of major concern for this narrow area w/ 2 small bridges less than 100 feet separate them. I was surprised to see even NF bridge was rated more favorable than this one as of 2/17!

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