Crowded Out: The Story of Overtourism

There is a 20 minute British Documentary with the above title that is really worth seeing.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to embed it here, but if you click on this link immediately below, then click on arrow at the bottom of the film, or click on Play Film on top,  it will play for you. It is a great little film that takes us out of our own Big Sur over tourism problems and introduces you to a few of the others. It is time to start managing, and several of us are working on that. I’ll keep you posted.

Crowded Out: The Story of Overtourism

Here is the first screen shot (no active links below, click on link above):


When you see that, click on the arrow to get here (this is a screen shot) and then click on the arrow to start documentary. Very well done.



4 thoughts on “Crowded Out: The Story of Overtourism

  1. This is an excellent documentary, the two words that stick out in my mind from watching this are “unregulated and unmanaged” that is the tourism industry, which of course I’m a part of because I work at a local restaurant. Things of course have changed dramatically in the last few years, I think we all need to work together and focus on moving toward some sort of a solution somehow somewhere even if it’s just little bits here and there we’re moving in the right direction.

  2. Important film! I’m posting it everywhere. Just too many of us. Population unsustainable.

  3. The tourism industry is misdirection, a magic trick used to acquire unvested revenue, increase valuation and cost of living while disregarding the issues of property owners, home and business owners, and local citizens with vested revenue.
    Stay home, use your time and money to force your local and state governments to make where you live the place you want to vacation.
    Leaving where you live to vacation somewhere else enables your elected leaders and governments to ignore issues while wealth is created from unvested foreign revenue.
    Stay home, get involved, protest if required.

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