Found Dog


My name is Chelsea Smeaton and my husband and I found a male Kobe pit bull wandering Highway 1 right next to entrance to treebones on Saturday morning at around 7:45 7/27.  We spoke to Miranda at Plaskett and she gave us the impression that you had been contacted but just wanted to follow up.  We have the dog with us and are heading back down South.  We were told that you might be able to help locate the owners.  Please email me back if you are able to find them…this picture is up the hwy at gorda market and plaskett as well as downtown near Big Sur bakery.

We will foster the dog until his owners are found. (If this is your dog, please contact Chelsea at



~ by bigsurkate on July 30, 2018.

3 Responses to “Found Dog”

  1. Hopefully someone can post on 831 lost pets FB site and make out a found pet report with the Monterey SPCA. I’d be sick if I lost my dog and no one even reported that they found him.


  2. I wonder if this dog belonged to the fatality that occurred Saturday a.m. at Cape San Martin? That would let us know when the accident happened. I don’t know the person who died but I heard there was a name attached when it was reported on the news.


  3. Little Philly, the cops did not seem to think this dog went over the edge, as there were no injuries. It is an odd coincidence, though.


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