Mud Creek Cracks, 8/31/18 vs 9/3/18

Friday, 8/31/18:


Clearly marked South Bound lane





Monday, 9/4/18:

Here are the equivalent photos, as best as I can (he promises to take the series from the same or similar spot) and then at the end of this post, I will add a few extra from different perspectives.





View of same crack from northbound lane


The beginning of the crack in the dirt.




7 thoughts on “Mud Creek Cracks, 8/31/18 vs 9/3/18

  1. I remembering the same thing happening on Hurricane Pt in 1998. I walked the highway at that time so talked with engineers who were checking other places, it did collapse a few days later taking out the south bound lane compromising the north and the road was closed.
    Good your keeping and eye on this, hope the road engineers are too.

  2. Kate, the shelf life range of a patched crack on a popular always changing landscape/roadway is how long?

  3. They patched it? I’m no road expert but that seems rather early to even need to patch something. So what the hell did they do for the crack in the dirt? Kick it around with their foot to cover it up?

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