Ferrari Commercial at Bixby

Now that Labor Day has passed, filming at Bixby Bridge and other places along the coast has resumed. Thursday, in addition to the filming, there were many construction areas along Highway One. It took me 3 and 1/2 hours to get from my home to the VA Clinic in Marina.

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14 thoughts on “Ferrari Commercial at Bixby

  1. Looks like more police cars in attendance than on an average weekend when we really need them…

  2. And the “special car ” and the 4 police cas found their way to Ventana at about 2 pm so they could shoot more footage and we had to get up from lunch and move our cars out of the parking lot and park below.

  3. This is why so many locals are really becoming disgruntled with our County officials that seem to have a complete disconnect from what is really happening down here. One example is how they keep issueing permits for filming at Bixby. This past weekend it took drivers, many who were late for work, up to an hour to get through Bixby Bridge congestion. Traffic backed up over three miles for southbound traffic and it took residents who live off Old Coast Road twenty minutes just to get to the highway. This is an emergency situation that seems to get worse week by week and bound to only get more problematic in the near future with devastating consequences for all who use this highway. Monterey Film Commission advertises Bixby as a landmark location for filming and runs through the permit process. If Bixby had a 200 vehicle parking lot that was off the highway and didn’t impede traffic and public safety maybe then promoting / exploiting this location would be somewhat appropriate. One small step they (Government agencies) could implement tomorrow is to not allow pedestrians on the bridge and remove the benches that may have been a good idea in 1937. Bixby is 24 feet wide and any new bridge built in California has to be a minimum of 32 feet. Common sense solution to start!!!

  4. And we should demand a moratorium on all filming permits using Bixby Bridge!!!

  5. I would LOVE it if they stopped issuing filming permits for Bixby entirely. Maybe as a compromise, there would have to be a shoot or shoots at some other Monterey county location that really does need visitors and publicity before being allowed to shoot at Bixby. Like how deer hunters need to fill their doe tag before they are issued a buck tag. This would allow the county to still chase the money, and maybe let the film industry fall in love with another location.

  6. Jessica, I have to admit, I much prefer the commercials over the hordes of tourists – at least it is safe, and the delay is more reasonable.

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