Film Shoot at Bixby, yet again…

I received this last night at 6 pm. Doesn’t say what time, so I emailed him and asked for an approximate time.

Hi Kate:

About 10 minutes ago, I received an email from David Booth at the California Film commission, saying I should notify you that we are filming at Bixby bridge on Monday.
Apparently David only received this email from Karen Nordstrand of the Monterey Film commission about 30 minutes ago.

Both David and Karen have known for about 2.5 weeks, about my intent to film a shot of about 30 to 90 minutes on the bridge, Monday, by car,  and drone (non closure).
We’ve already received permission from CA film Comm, Monterey Film Comm, DOT, CHP,, CA. Fish and Wildlife,  MBNMS and Big Sur Chamber of commerce.

Feel free to call me to discuss the shot: “Man in Car and Woman in car drive over bridge”: That’s it!


Seth Levin
Line Producer/Locations

7 thoughts on “Film Shoot at Bixby, yet again…

  1. These Bixby film shoots are partially responsible for Big Sur’s tourism surges. The industry dramatizes and flaunts the area all over the world, replay after replay. Find a way to limit these promotions and perhaps see less tour buses.

  2. Wonder how much such a permit costs, and who gets the money? Who actually approves? I’m sure there must be a process, but who decides? Who benefits?
    All in the name of promoting tourism? Or?
    Given the rate this type of activity seems to be increasing, maybe it’s time to examine ( change) the protocol.

  3. I drove through Bixby last Wednesday when they were setting up for yet another film shoot or commercial. It was, as usual, a congested mess with selfie taking tourists, poorly parked vehicles partially blocking the roadway and a large film crew up the Old Coast Road. I pulled over at Hurricane Point where I get cell service and called the Monterey County Film Commission. I spoke to a very nice lady, Karen. and explained to her how irresponsible I felt it was to keep issuing permits for that location and all the reasons why. If you are concerned about what is happening there and how much worse the problems seem to get week by week I urge you to do the same. It’s not the minor inconvenience of the actual film shoot, it’s more the promotion of an area that doesn’t and will never have the infrastructure to handle the mass amount of people that now stop there everyday.
    The Film Commission number is (831)646-0910

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