Campfire spotted north of Lucia

Whoever did the spotting on this and called it in, good job. Be vigilante. It is Oct. one of the worst months of the fire season.

From Martha: “It was a campfire or cooking fire just north of Lucia.  We responded as did CHP, USFS started but then I think cancelled, not positive on that.”

Another great job by Big Sur Fire. Thank you all. Don’t forget the Bal Masque coming up at the end of the month. It is a fun way to support our local Fire Brigade. I will post the details when I know them.

2 thoughts on “Campfire spotted north of Lucia

  1. I’m the one that called it in. The guy had made a pretty big fire right under a cypress so he could heat his lunch! Was a complete jerk wad too. Hope they found and fined him.

  2. Good job, Chris. Not sure, but suspect they did as the CHP responded as did BSF. You saved a whole bunch of people a whole bunch of grief. Thank you from all of us.

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