Gray Slip Photos taken 11/3/18

Here are some photos showing the depth and width of the cracks with measuring tape so that we can more accurately track the movement. There are also photos showing the three springs (which we believe to be different ones, but which we have no way of knowing whether they all come from one original spring) that have been exposed by Madonna Const. since they dug here to obtain fill dirt for Mud Creek. There is no indication that there is any effort being made to control the water here. You might remember from the article I published on Monday (Here) that water is the key ingredient in landslides and debris flow. “Water is the key ingredient,” said Austrian hydrologist Thomas Thaler, who studies threats to mountain communities. These photos demonstrate that.

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The depth of that last crack is 60 total inches. At the end of the slide show, Rock Knocker lost his tape measurer into the crack and had to climb in there to retrieve it. That gives an idea of the width and depth, although the tape could not follow the slope of the crack, so it is actually deeper than 5 feet.

9 thoughts on “Gray Slip Photos taken 11/3/18

  1. Kate, do we know who issued a permit, or gave approval for the removal of soil here? It looks just terrible.

  2. LIkewise, I can’t see the photos on my phone, but can view them on my computer. The magic of technology…

  3. BSK, I see the images, but, I had to remove adblockers, privacy add ons, etc, but, with those on – I couldn’t see them either. Those are some dangerous cracks- I am seeing..

  4. The cracks are crazy scary! Then again we forever having sections of the coast highway sliding off to sea here, too. Seems it goes with the terrain, but your water article made it so much more worrisome!

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