5 thoughts on “Big Sur Park School Community Meeting

  1. Does Big Sur Park School have anything to do with the now closed Gazebo Park School at Esalen?

  2. Thanks Kate. My son was the garden supervisor at Esalen for 15 months and his family left just before the PC bridge collapsed.

  3. Nona, the Big Sur Park School outdoor curriculum is modeled after the former esalen Gazebo school and it operates on the former Gazebo premises for now. It otherwise receives no support from esalen. If you have loved ones living in Big Sur, aged from 18 mos. to 5yrs, needing child care, please come to the meeting on Saturday or respond to the survey. “Big Sur Park School”

  4. Dave: my granddaughters went to Gazebo Park School when my son and his family lived on property and worked at Esalen. They left just before the PC Bridge collapse.

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