Tourist Tuesday, 11/13/18 – Photos are harming the Natural Landscape

With the rise of digital photography, social media, and geotagging, picturesque natural landmarks that were once relatively undisturbed are now swarming with more and more visitors every year. Voxmade this 5-minute video on how geotagged viral photos are having a huge impact on nature.

One of the examples cited by Vox is Horseshoe Bend near the town of Page, Arizona.


To view the video, which I highly recommend, visit here:


5 thoughts on “Tourist Tuesday, 11/13/18 – Photos are harming the Natural Landscape

  1. We were lucky enough to visit JUST before the railing was installed. I have to agree it was tremendously busy and I don’t think they had a choice about “improvements” with so many people roaming all over and letting kids run free.

  2. Thx, I copied it to my iBooks, so I can study lt. I also bought 5 copies of the book, Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet by Megan Epler Wood. The Bible. Very scholarly and technical, so not an easy read, but I am working on it!

  3. Hope you don’t mind, but I just posted and included the video of Horseshoe Bend that was in the article you mentioned. I remember that spot from the very early 1980s and it was heaven. Made me sick to see it crawling with the swarms of tourists. Does that make me selfish?

  4. Yes, I do, too. I also remember Yosemite when it was practically vacant, as well as living in Laguna when traffic was not snarled. No, it doesn’t make us selfish, it just makes us OLD! LOL If this email were legal advice, it would be followed by a bill.

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