Gray Slip, 11/15/18

Hmmm…someone is placing dirt back at Gray Slip where they originally took dirt from for Mud Creek. I wonder what that can mean? Oh, and the water is picking up there, too.


~ by bigsurkate on November 15, 2018.

8 Responses to “Gray Slip, 11/15/18”

  1. At first glance it looked like the work of the surmole, you know, the big one.


  2. …but, more likely the work of the California B. Sur Soil Squirrel.


  3. Ever see the movie “Holes”??? 😀


  4. The dirt “Quarry” at Grey Slip has been sprayed green, probably with embedded seeds in hopes that sprouts will grow quickly enough to hold the soil in place. The increased water flow may be runoff from the spray job.

    “Holes” was one of our favorite family movies…. Don’t think that CalTRANS fits the antagonist role, but perhaps they’re looking for the missing treasure…


  5. Funny dude


  6. No, should I? If this email were legal advice, it would be followed by a bill.


  7. Not really. It’s a goofy comedy about a camp for juvenile delinquents where their punishment is to dig holes. Not a memorable film, but your picture made me think of it.😏


  8. Actually, Holes was memorable, at least enough for Gunta to mention. It starred Jon Voight as the evil reform school operator who is looking for the buried treasure that included what turned out to be valuable bonds. 2 of the kids solved the riddle that led to the correct location.


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