Today is all about the rain, 11/21/18

5:30 pm – the last hour and 1/2 has been gnarly. Downpours, and inch an hour or more, way over 2” – finished changing my links (I think) so you can check out the 24 hour rain totals in the links to the right. Lost my internet in the height of it, as did a few others.

4 pm – hit the 1″ mark, and now I am busy updating my links so fire is gone and rain is here…

Noon –  major rain and wind now! Wow!

9:45 am

Today, is all about the rain. Comment when it hits where you are, and let us know where that is! So far my day has been about making this welcomed, but forgotten, transition – making sure I stocked the inside wood box, and filled the back-up generator (given the no sun), and I have built a small fire to take the morning chill off, oh, and coffee is in hand.

21 thoughts on “Today is all about the rain, 11/21/18

  1. I think there was a small earthquake about 7am this morning. The house rippled and it wasn’t the wind.

  2. Kate, I follow you because my sister lives in big Sur…and I am an ex-california girl..if u don’t mind can you tell me approximately what area you are in?

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  3. Kate, 15:00 rainbow in CVV – mist is the only measurable precip – for the day- weak wave of moisture here..Trace at best..

  4. Gold Beach (OR)
    Intermittent downpours, at least 4″ since Wed. morning. Some interesting, almost alarming, wind gusts.
    Haven’t heard how the folks near any of our wildfires are managing with landslides. I expect parts of Hwy 101 to do some slippage, but hopefully not enough to close any sections. Just keeps the road crews busy.
    The sun did pop out for a while Thanksgiving eve.

    Hope you get just the right amount of rain down there!

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