Storm Watch, 11/29/18

9 am – I am hearing some grumbling from locals on Caltrans’s decision to close the road. I get it, I do, but things have changed. Conditions are not like they used to be where it was understood that we locals took our chances. Now, we have clueless tourists who would also “take their chances” and then ask to be rescued and/or sue if they were injured or their vehicle was damaged. I do have concerns about even emergency vehicles not being able to get through, but I do understand  the concerns of Caltrans. Safety first. Always.


3 thoughts on “Storm Watch, 11/29/18

  1. What an early morning deluge in Carmel! Must have been much more there in Big Sur.

  2. Be smart and safe, you all. Stay off the roads if at all possible. Lots of sirens going by on Carmel Valley Road this morning…

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