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  1. Kate, love this. It actually is a pledge that applies to everywhere we live and travel on this planet of many marvels and sacred spaces. How about we ask Caltrans to put big gates at both north and south ends of Big Sur. No one can go through until they read and sign! 🙂 And a drone will be watching them. Just kidding of course, but if only everyone had this common sense care and deep regard…

  2. It was actually adapted from the Pomo Pledge for Kauai (and other Hawaiian Island) which I published a month or two ago. Lisa Kleissner, who grew up in Hawaii and now lives in Big Sur oversaw all its permeations as it was fine tuned.

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  3. Kate, that drawing would make an amazing stained glass piece!

    It seems a volunteer pledge is our situation for protecting Big Sur since there has not been much response/enforcement from any level of government to deal with increased usages over the past few decades.

    Here are some easy changes below that will help our area instantly, and maybe prevent another wildfire.

    I wanted to point out an error on the bigsurvisitorguide site. It has had outdated information for over two years now on the restrooms. Botchers has been closed two years, and likely to be closed another 2 to 3 years per the county. It was already questionable to suggest a 10 mile round trip on a single lane residential road to use a restroom before the road was closed. Here is the line that needs to be corrected/deleted:

    MM 61 | Botchers Gap Campground | Highway 1 / Palo Colorado Rd + 5 miles

    This kind of miss-information results in people taking a dump on the side of the road, or maybe in some cases an illegal camp fire or camp for folks who fail to check an official site. Maybe you can contact the owner of the site. The link for additional information is an old outdated management site, showing the campground as open! I already sent a few emails over a year ago with no reply. The Monterey Visitors Burial did at least remove the link to this site. (bigsurvisitorguide)

    The Garrapata restroom, actually Soberanes Rocky ridge trail head porta-potty, is now open again after 2 yrs but that trail is CLOSED. That is also a questionable restroom to suggest, considering the poor parking and no signage, and that this closed trail was near the site of the illegal 2016 campfire that started the Soberanes fire! The 66 mile marker is also 0.8 miles away from the actual location of 66.8

    MM 66 | Garrapata State Park | Trail Head for Rocky Ridge Trail, Highway 1

  4. /thanks. I sent your comments to the owner of bigsurvisitorsguide. Thank you for your interest and care. The person who created this did so with his own free time and I don’t think has had the time to keep it up.

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