Temporary Closure of Highway One likely by Sunday 5 pm.

The storm forecast has changed and gone up significantly with heavy rain predicted Sunday evening and overnight, Jan. 6th into Jan. 7th. Crews will assess tomorrow morning (Sunday, Jan. 6) and continue to monitor the forecast.

There is a high likelihood Hwy. 1 at Mud Creek (PM 8.9) and Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6) will each close by 5 pm tomorrow, Sunday, Jan. 6.

An update will be provided by noon tomorrow after staff assessment is made.

Storm Report, 1/5/19

2 pm –


9:30 am – still a bit windy, but also a steady rain for the last hour or so. Loving the sound. Due to the generosity of a teacher at Pacific Valley School and her husband, I now have a truckload of firewood to  see me through these storms. I am feeling rich, so splurging with a little fire during the day, which I normally don’t do. Thank you Ellen & Bill. And thank you to Rock Knocker who delivered it and stacked it, much inside in my fireplace room so I don’t have to brave the cold, windy, rain.

5:45 am – from the NWS: “Those along the northern and central California coastlines, including the Bay Area, should keep their eyes open for strong to briefly severe thunderstorms, especially, later today. Severe thunderstorms may contain damaging winds, waterspouts, and tornadoes.”

I will add to this post as necessary throughout the day, but weather forecasters are saying “the storm door is open” and expect rain for much of this next week.